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Creating serene, sustainable places to be

My goal when designing your garden is to make sure that it’s what you desire and to use my expertise to incorporate materials that are not only appropriate and sustainable but incredibly beautiful as well.  I specialize in small urban gardens that have multible uses: entertaining, growing food, playing with kids & pets... using plants that are low maintenance, drought tolerant, edible and attractive to birds, bees, butterflies and people.

I can work independently arranging for heavy work to be done with landscape contractors or work closely with clients to help them build their new garden design.  I also work with clients in their existing gardens, helping add new elements, solve problems and teaching new gardening skills.  

  Feel free to contact me for more information.   

               Thanks, Suzinn

               My Services Include

    sustainable garden design
    consultations on design and garden care
    garden maintenance
    container gardens
    garden coaching
    shopping for plants & garden accents
    color consultations for exterior

                & interior spaces


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“Working with Suzinn has been enriching in so many ways. Not only is she incredibly talented at what she does, she is has extraordinary creativity that manifest in countless ways. Through the process of working together to transform my front yard into a beautiful garden that exceeded my expectations, I came to learn how well she listens and really hears the client.

From the very beginning she understood my vision, worked within my budget, was an endless resource of great ideas and made a seemingly daunting endeavor a lot of fun!. As a result we have become good friends.” -Dominique Roberts


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Projects & Details






         A garden should be beautiful from all angles and in all seasons...


   Bee & Bird Friendly Gardens are Alive.                 Playing with scale & texture.


                                         Color echos and contrasting textures.


                                Two years before this garden was a lawn.



                             Drought tolerant planting along sidewalk.



                        Welcoming Entry                                              Artful Entry



    Going Vertical with Color & Form                   Form All Seasons Container  


              Silver Combinations                                     Dramatic Entry Combo


              Courtyard Containers                                   Potted plants in the garden.



    Autumn combo stays colorful all year.                      All Seasons Entry


                         Old front lawn turned into a New Entry Courtyard.


Same garden one year later in Summer


A new place to relax


and one year later with spring bulbs


                        Custom fence provides privacy from a busy street,


                                             and a beautiful new view.


     Color & texture create a beautiful garden.               Movement provides the sounds of nature.


                                            Paths to guide you.                                    


                                                    Artists’ Garden


             Cannon Beach House Garden with open view to the ocean.


         Low maintanience beach house planting and custom pathways.


         Front Garden with bold plantings to help block a very busy street view.



    Selcuded retreat. By the next year the house next door was hidden from view.

                                             Before and After Projects


            BEFORE: Steep south facing slope with full hot sun most of the day.




            Late Summer: Sod removed and soil ammended with special drought

                     tolerant mix and rocks added to support soil and add interest.




            By the next spring plants have held up well under hard winter conditions

            and are filling in nicely. After being naturally watered by the previous

            fall and winter rains the garden is now completely drought tolerant.







            Nearly a year later plants have grown into a beautiful mosaic

              of color, form and texture with four season interest.


                     Parking strip after 2 years. No water required.


            Wide gravel path at the top of the steps and near the porch for easy

             access to the side and back of the house. Big ungainly bushes were

             replaced with narrow growing golden Italian cypress.


                        Detail of some of the many groundcovers used between larger plants.


            During the second year I designed and planted the middle bed

           along the front steps and the slope along the driveway.




      Steps and a simple rail were added to help navigate the hillside. By the following

      spring plants are established and drought tolerant.


Before                                              Six months later


                 Before (with new patio pavers)  and six months later.


Before and six months later.


Before                                                 Five months later


Before and five months later


                            Artful details are planted in this 5 year old garden.


                                                         Dancing Tulips


                                             Bringing Nature Home