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Making scents of plants...

Blooming Dream is a line of natural perfumes that capture

the fragrances found in the garden, forest and beyond.

In a truly artisanal process, I craft the perfumes by hand in small batches from the very finest ingredients. No synthetic agents are used and everything is cruelty-free. Many of my formulas include leaves and petals from my own organic garden, as well as botanical essences from around the world. Essential oils, absolutes and homemade tinctures are blended with organic pure grain spirit or fractionated coconut oil gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin.


My name is Suzinn and I’m a plantaholic.

I originally trained and worked as a fine artist, but became inspired by the lush beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My love of plants and connection to the healing power of nature paved the way to my career as a garden designer, work that dovetails with my artistic vision.


Based in temperate Portland, I am often immersed in the heady smells of earth, plants and flowers. Scent informs the way I design gardens and I am drawn to spaces rampant with fragrant lilies, heirloom roses, daphne, honeysuckle and herbs that transform with the seasons. The beauty of the natural world inspired me to develop Blooming Dream, which reflects the wonder, vitality and optimism that lives in every garden.


I hope you enjoy these beautiful scents and remember to share them with a hug.


Blooming Dream is a division of Suzinn Weiss Garden & Design LLC


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Eau De Parfum sprays (organic alcohol base):

30ml $95

15ml  $55

2ml sample sprays $8 ea.

Sample sets: your choice of 5 2ml sprays $35

Standard shipping rates apply

Feel free to email me off my contact page with your questions or orders.  Thank you!

Ottis a taste treat for the nose, mixing

savory basil, pepper and cardamom with a spicy carnation accord and irresistible chocolate.

Drunken Flowers beckons with blood orange jasmine and rose followed with the uninhibited scent of cognac and more... The alcohol base contains a blend of summer blooming white flowers including jasmine and philadelphus from my garden.

Lumina has depth & luminescence in its complexity, grounded in benzoin, sandalwood & frankincense with a heart of pink pepper & flowers topped with citrus (that’s just taste of what lies beneath the surface).

Pink Rose is sexy, spicy and sophisticated. A fresh take on a classic flower with notes of citrus, fir and a heart full of roses in a smoky base of vetiver, vanilla and touch of oud. The alcohol base is made with fresh rose petals from my garden.

Blackbird Vert was inspired by rare Northwest winter days when the air is dry and the sun is shining. This cool, dry, slightly bitter aroma highlights cardamom, yuzu, buchu, combava lime leaves and more in a base of precious. The green alcohol base is composed of 4 botanical tinctures including rosemary and cedar moss.

LOVE BIRd is a rich blend of precious woods, delicate flowers and hand-spun amber. Features a smooth patchouli grounded in modern elegance...not your mother’s patchouli!

Entwine yourself in the fragrant nest of this magical perfume.

Herb Garden starts out dry and understated then slowly releases a complex mix of scent including rare oils of Hidcote Pink Lavender, Sunflower, Mimosa, Olive, Zdravets, and Saffron as well as other herbs in a tinctured base of vanilla, currant and bay.

CHAMPA BOOTY based on the alluring combination of magnolia blossom and sandalwood. This sexy, sweet scent bubbles with citrus, woods and narcotic flowers.

Eau De Parfum roll on with Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil base:

10ml $42

5ml  $26

1ml sample vial $4

WARM HeART envelops you in sultry woods, exotic spices and zesty citrus. Highlights include wild orange, blood cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, saffron and rare sunflower.

Green #9 is fresh and smooth with a clean green citrus, top going deeper into the forest in the dry down.

Quattro contains earthy notes of juniper, black pepper and sage plus a sensual base note of sandalwood & ambrette seed.  A warm and subtle scent anyone can wear with ease.

ILLUMINATED TOUCH is clean & woody with notes of sandalwood & cedar sweetened with bergamot and lavender.  Warm & Sexy…

Flower Power captures the complex scents of the garden with notes of geranium, clary sage & neroli along with a pinch of pepper to add spice.

Jasz is a melodic whisper on your skin, soulful and exotic with notes of jasmine, cedarwood and lemon verbena blended with ginger and clove and a base of woods.

celeste’ propels your senses into the heavens with citrus, neroli & ylang leading the way, followed with benzion, frankincense and sandalwood.

I sell samples if you want to try before you buy.

I also create custom perfumes upon request.

Please contact me for more information: [email protected]


Please consult with your doctor for possible safety regarding all ingredients, including essential oils, and herbs. We cannot be held liable for not including all possible side effects of the essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients.

For external use only. Avoid contact with Eyes (FLUSH THOROUGHLY IF CONTACT OCCURS). Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear (WASH OFF THOROUGHLY). KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

These products were NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS but were tested on the perfumer’s skin many many times.